He's finally here! After years of waiting, Elvis the Guinea pig has finally agreed to a high fashion all-nude photoshoot appearing EXCLUSIVELY on regina.com!

Elvis the Guinea pig is joining the ranks of such other artists as petunia, the ever-jogging dog, lulu, the grinning love puppy, and of course the venerable monster; cat of mystery.

Animal candids not enough for you? Try gazing upon the Shady Echoes Mental Institution Halloween '00 or the Toxic Hillbilly Swamp Halloween '99 or the Alien Encounter Halloween '98


O.K. You've seen all our pets, you've seen our halloweens...
but you still want something more! oh yes, REGINAs!

While Regina.com is *really* only about one Regina: the feeder of all the above pets and my favorite wife, Regina, there is the very remote chance that you came to regina.com hoping to find something besides picture's of her pets and my hobbies. If this almost impossible scenario is true, we still have you covered. Below you will find a choice selection of the best "Regina" related sites on the net.



Here are non-Canadian Regina sites, Enjoy!

Regina Vacuum Cleaners official website
This Regina is from Austin and creates some really nice pastel paintings
The totally tasty Regina Brewery in poland
Regina's Little World
Regina's Vegetarian Table pbs vegetarian cooking show (if you aren't a vegetarian, you should be)
This guy loves his girlfriend, Regina, but not enough to finish her site. *update*. Its been 6 years and he still hasnt finished or updated her site, so i'm thinking at this point its pretty clear he doesn't love her. In fact, i bet they aren't still together. No wait, I bet he killed her and buried her body in an old abandoned mine. Come to think of it, I think there was a CSI based on this case, but they called the girl "Reginda" so as to avoid legal complications.
Delicious Regina Vinegar (a required condiment)
An authorized Regina Vacuum repair site that has a lady in a vacuum costume on it
Regina and Company online store for natural and nature friendly hair care products
The Salve Regina University in Rhode Island. A previously stink-ugly website, it has been refined and is quite nice now
Regina Russels Psychic Tearoom
Regina Marie's custom designed jewelry
Regina Marra's fine quality handmade women's shoes and purses
Regina Gifts; Crystal, Dolls & Collectibles
TotalVac sells Regina vacuum cleaner bags, belts, shampoo cartridges and parts
The beautiful hotel Regina in scenic Germany
The Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum! (Home of the jubilee 2000!)
Regina Tours of Israel travel agency
Regina Rogers, your favorite "Regina" Long Island Residential Real Estate Professional
The manufacturer webpage of the finest Regina bike, motorcycle and bottling chains in the world
The Regina High School (home of "dear Gina")
The Regina Howell Elementary School in Beaumont, Texas
Regina Garvie and her husband, Ben, live in Tuttle, Oklahoma!
Regina is a fashion magazine in Finland! Sassy!
Regina of Australia makes glass fibre tissue and veil!!
This Regina has dogs and a baby and plays with lion cubs!

CANADA! Because of Regina, Saskatchewan,
there are scads of canadian Regina links.
Here are a few:

If you live anywhere near Saskatchewan, you should visit this site. Its the Regina Freecycle, where people in the area give away things they no longer need. Its like recycling, but better!

ReginaWebsites! Its like your local phone book... only better!
The City of Regina, Saskatchewan website has links to all sorts of municipal and visitor information:
The Regina Macintosh Users Group
Need to rent a home in Regina? This site might help!
The Regina Habitat for Humanity can always use donations and volunteers
The Regina Press Club!
The Hell Hounds Paintball Team of Regina
Gas prices from all around Regina; Really Cool!
Quality Hotel Regina's website, complete with a panorama of Regina!
A dining experience you'll never forget at the Regina Mediterranean Bistro
The dittmann page of Regina , Saskatchewan links
A Saskatchewan-centric portal site for shopping, dining, garage sailing and otherwise being in Regina
Her Majesty's Canadian Warship HMCS Regina
The philharmonic chorus of Regina
The University of Regina, Saskatchewan
Division scolaire francophone #310 (DSF #310), Regina
Official Regina website of the Dalnet IRC channel #saskatchewan
Its fun to stay at the Regina YMCA
The ReginAnime Japanese Animation Club
The Regina Public library
The seemingly official Regina tourism website
The Regina Florist
The Regina Pats hockey club
The Aikido Dojo of Regina, Canada
The "dragonboat" festival website of Regina
A list of Regina, Saskatchewan links
The Regina Golden Harvest Barbershop Chorus website
The Unofficial : Regina Fire department website
Standing publicly for gay rights is a difficult, yet essential thing to do. If you were intending to go to the Regina Gay Pride website, we salute you

Although the Regina Music Box Company no longer exists as such, regular streams of emails requesting information on Regina music boxes mandate the following four links to assorted Regina Music Box related websites. If you have a Regina Music box, you can be one of the dance-up-and-down people on the Antiques Roadshow, as they are quite valuable. Link #1 , Link #2 , Link #3 , Link #4

If you know of any "Regina" related sites that would seem to belong here, please email us and let us know.
(NOTICE: if the site forces us to download a plugin/upgrade or crashes our browser, we very likely won't add it and will be kinda smug about it, too.)

Here is some fine print: Our primary use of the domain Regina.com is for email and private subdirectories. This public site is an afterthought and a public service tribute to "Regina" related sites (that don't crash our browser). Regina.com is not affiliated with any of the Regina related links listed on this page, nor is receiving or soliciting any financial compensation for the placing of said links on this page. Regina.com was acquired as an anniversary present many years ago for my wonderful wife, Regina and as such Regina.com is simply not for sale. If you were thinking of being one of the hundreds of "cute" people that emails us that "everything is for sale for a price" don't bother. You are not clever and while I concede that there is likely some insane amount of money that would break our resolve, you don't have that kind of money because if you did you wouldn't still live with your mom. Regina.com is not the government of Saskatchewan and cannot help you if you got a speeding ticket, even if you are a truckdriver and the ticket was unfair and they "do it just to punish the hardworking truck driver". Regina.com would prefer that if you want to break up with your boy/girlfriend on Her Majesty's Canadian Ship Regina (HMCS-REGINA), that you send the email to him/her at regina@hmcsregina.com and not hmcsregina@regina.com, as it breaks our hearts to read about love gone sour. If you work for the Asian bra manufacturer Regina Miracle, please realize that your domain is reginamiracle, not regina.com and that you are missing out on all sorts of fascinating internal corporate policy changes and supplier issues as well as timely manufacturing complication resolution protocols because they are being sent in chinese to me and my wife. If you are looking to complain to regina.com about some Canadian policy or law or statute or tradition or land division or something, please note that Regina and I live in New Zealand and have never been to Canada, much less usurped the authority to rule it. I mean, you are welcome to complain to us and stuff, but really, what's the point? Oh, and along those lines, if you are one of the many hatemongers taking offense at our support of gay pride, find some NEW way to express your narrow minded tripe. Regina and I are approaching our 14th wedding anniversary so accusing us of being "steaming homosexuals" (why would a homosexual steam?) is pretty ineffective. Ad space on Regina.com is not for sale, especially if the seller guarantees us "a steady flow of cash-money working while we sleep." I would be afraid that the cash-money ebbs might swirl around the bed and generate some kind of problem that we, incapacitated with sleep, would not be able to remedy. It's a real threat... no, really.



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